Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NATO’s Libyan TNC: the anarchy to come

Libyan rebels
Finally NATO had its way with Libya; their rebels overtook Tripoli and always with the crucial help of air bombings conducted by their pilots, ousted government forces that now resist elsewhere in the country. Once Gaddafi is captured, killed, disintegrated, or liquefied by an obviously stronger force, it will be up to the TNC, in the name of these groups of disorganized individuals - called rebels by mainstream media- to provide a minimum level of security and normalcy in which, maybe, the celebratory fire will stop once for all. It will be hard though, if ever possible, since the only common goal that holds these groups together is their desire to get their hands on Gaddafi: Unity and cohesion are needed to govern this multi-ethnic country, and to show that ‘democracy’ brought by NATO works in Libya and that it is good.

Libyan children
However, those very countries members of the North Atlantic Alliance, are now very worried about the proliferation of conventional weapons in Libya. There are reports of children as young as 13 carrying weapons in Tripoli and the new authorities share their concerns that many of the weapons looted from government storages   may have fallen “in the wrong hands”. CNN, in the voice and image of courageous Sarah, who defying the rain of bullet shells of the celebratory fire,  broadcast live how rebels forced their way into Bab al-Aziziya, Gaddafi’s fortified compound, and paraded an array of weapons for the cameras as she praised  their bravery.

Rebels walk out of Gaddafi's compound with their hands full
So the legacy of NATO’s intervention on behalf of the imperialistic greed of western powers is very simple: the shameful precedent that it is licit to change governments at will anywhere in the world, and that the rule of force is the appropriate means of resolving conflicts. That military intervention, ‘to save innocent lives’ in the form of thousands of air raids and the ulterior involvement of boots, leaves another destabilized country in the Middle East, a region that is under a deep crisis.

Libyan rebels
It rests to see how soon Libya becomes another Iraq and/or Afghanistan, adding to the distressing reality of those countries its own string of suicide bombings, desolation, death and destruction, all courtesy of NATO.

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