Wednesday, April 27, 2011

U.S. - the freest country in the world - denies Dr. Harold Baseman permission to travel to Cuba

Dr. Harold Baseman
Dr. Harold Baseman, a well known expert with extensive work in the field of parenteral drugs, an instructor with the US Parenteral Drug Association, and a Principal  and Chief Operating Officer for ValSource LLC, has been denied permission to travel to Cuba where today he was due to offer a lecture on the Evaluation and Validation of Risks in the Biopharmaceutical Industry in the context of the VI International Workshop on Aseptic Processing.

Prominent scientists from Mexico, Argentine, Italy, Spain, Sweden and China are expected to make important dissertations on the topic of the workshop which opened today at the Melia Chiba Hotel in Havana.

Experts in the development, production and commercialization of the pharmaceutical industry from Cuba, Peru, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Belgium, Colombia and Costa Rica are also attending the event.

The United States government acting on the inhuman and illegal blockade that it imposes on the Caribbean island continues to deny its people the right to exchange scientific and cultural information with Cuba, which can be beneficial to both countries.

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