Thursday, April 7, 2011

Miami concert suspended because it featured Cuban musicians from the island

The concert that never was
Fuego Cuban Music Worlds Festival, a concert that was to be held at the Homestead Miami International Speedway has been cancelled, according to the organizers, who have filed a civil suit against the owners of the venue.

Posada Carriles, terrorist of Cuban origin, free in Miami
Miami is the base of extremist anti-Cuba groups who for more than 50 years now have maintained a bitter- aggressive, yet futile posture against Cuba and its Revolution. These Cuban exiles operate with total impunity in the United States, whose government encourages the perpetration of acts of terror against their homeland since 1959. This cancellation proves once more how far the reach of their arm is and how the atmosphere of intolerance reigns almost uncontested in that city.

Invasion defeated in 72 hours
The date of the concert was April 9, shortly before April 19th, the 50th Anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs), an invasion planned, financed and manned by the CIA with the express approval of the U.S. government, which ended in a spectacular defeat after a 72 hour battle.  Apparently this was considered to be an insult to for the exiled community.

It has been a policy of successive U.S. governments, under the illegal blockade imposed to Cuba by the same president who ordered the invasion (Kennedy, 1961), to nurture an atmosphere of hostility and intolerance, while trying to asphyxiate the revolutionary island.

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