Saturday, December 26, 2015

Air Canada’s unfair fares for Cubans

Breakdown of the total, in red the overcharge

The Association of Cubans in Toronto “Juan Gualberto Gómez” has received several complaints of fellow Cuban compatriots, travelling via Air Canada Vacations to the island, who have been overcharged $16 for a tourist visa, which Cuban nationals do not need to enter Cuba, 

Tourist visa Cubans have to buy unnecessarily 

We have contacted Air Canada Vacations repeatedly about this unlawful treatment asking them for a rationale on why this is happening and they have not been able (or willing) to provide one. They have admitted that in fact, Cuban nationals are not required to purchase a tourist visa when entering their country, but because the cost for the tourist card (visa) is built into our fare construction”, then they just have to charge it, with no right to a refund. They continue with the flimsy argument that “the bulk of our clientele are Canadians, and unfortunately there is no way to isolate a client’s nationality when booking a reservation”. In other words: you are a minority and we just can’t bother.

Here are some questions for Air Canada Vacations:

How is this possible, that regardless the obvious violation, Air Canada Vacations continues to ignore our concern?

What has happened with all that money collected by overcharging Cuban nationals?

Why can’t a refund be issued?

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